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Camas Ridge School Agreements

Camas Ridge School Agreements 2023-24

At Camas Ridge Students are:

  • Inclusive and Welcoming
  • Respectful and Compassionate
  • Scholarly and Creative
  • Safe

Lunch Room:

  • Eat one’s own food / avoid sharing
  • Sit down to eat, and stay in one seat (no changing seats unless directed)
  • Clean up after one’s self
  • Listen for instructions and wait to be excused
  • Respect people’s food choices
  • Level two voices
  • Raise hand to get up from seat


  • Allow space for others by walking on the right side of the hall
  • Be very quiet in the hallways
  • Wait until the previous class is dismissed before entering
  • Enter rooms quietly
  • When working in the hall, allow room for other people to pass
  • When entering or leaving the main wing, use the front office doors
  • Have safe bodies in the hall, and outside walkways: no running, no pushing, or rushing ahead


  • Enter quietly and calmly
  • Adhere to the 4 A’s (allow, attend, appreciate, and applaud)
  • Wait with Class until dismissed at end of assembly


  • Procedures, agreements and routines will be decided on by the teacher and shared with the parents in the fall

Arrival and Dismissal:

  • Walk your body and your bike when on campus
  • Students riding buses are picked up in front on Lincoln St
  • Parent pick up/drop off is at the parking lot horseshoe or designated area; do not park in the bus zone at any time of day
  • Use quiet voices - Level II
  • Go to cafeteria if you arrive before school starts 7:35-7:50 AM


  • Each teacher will establish and teach a procedure for being excused to the bathroom
  • Ask permission if coming from recess, and use the office entrance for restrooms
  • Use Quiet Voice - level II or below
  • Flush the toilet
  • Clean up after yourself / Dispose of garbage appropriately
  • Respect privacy / Knock before entering a stall
  • Wash hands after with soap and water
  • Report any problems immediately
  • Return promptly
  • Keep bathrooms dry and clean
  • Conserve paper and water
  • Hands, feet, body, and objects to self


Playground boundaries:

  • Students must be within sight of EA’s
  • Cones out in the field for boundaries, do not go past 
  • Kinder and 1st graders may NOT play on beyond the basketball court in the field.
  • End of the day, the last EA brings in the equipment cart.

Playground Guidelines

Always ask yourself, Is it Safe, is it Respectful, is it Inclusive?

  • Whistle signals- Two short whistles = time to line up. One long whistle = stop, look and listen for adult direction.
  • Play area boundaries- Imaginary line runs from the far edge of the building to the end of the fence in the field. Trees and areas behind the line are out of bounds.
  • Games are open to all students.
  • Running and kicking of soccer balls is permitted on the field only- not on blacktop (with adult supervision).
  • The first three people in line are the “callers of the game”.
  • Students arguing aggressively about calls will no longer be allowed to play the game and may receive a timeout.
  • Older students must adjust to younger students' ability to play.
  • Keep your hands, feet and body to yourself.
  • Play by school rules- safe, respectful, inclusive. This includes communication between all students and adults.
  • Play fighting is not allowed- No martial arts moves or weapon play.
  • Gymnastics are not allowed, but basic cartwheels or somersaults are allowed if done safely in the field and not in a crowded area.
  • Tag or chasing games are not allowed.
  • Balls must be thrown to, not at other players.
  • Football games are not allowed, passing of a football from one student to another is okay, we are not allowing a full on game.
  • Check-in with supervisors before leaving and returning to the playground.(Get a pass for Bathroom.)
  • Hiding behind buildings/structures, trees or bushes is not allowed.
  • Playing in or with storm drains is not allowed-stay off the grates in front of WallBall wall.
  • Tree and/or fence climbing is not allowed.
  • Standing on top of structures, tables or benches is not allowed.
  • Students must stay away from classrooms.
  • Equipment is to be treated with care and put away at the end of each recess.
  • Problems with any equipment (or the play structure) should be reported to the supervisor.
  • Toys from home are not allowed at recess. No phones or Electronics.

Blacktop Play Rules

  • Rubber Balls
    • May be used for bouncing four square and wall ball.
    • May not be kicked on blacktop surface


  • Hula Hoops
    • Hula hoops can be used around the waist, neck and arms only.
    • No standing on them.
    • Hula hoops may not be thrown in the air.
    • “Horsey” (doubling up hoops with multiple people) is not permitted.
    • May not be combined with other toys. (ie. jump ropes)


  • Jump Ropes
    •  For jumping only.
      May not be used to tie other students up or to something (hula hoops, play structures). 
  • Basketball
             Half court play only
             3 on 3 games playing to 5 by ones.
             No kicking of basketballs is permitted.
  • Soccer balls
    • Soccer balls are to be used in the field (When adult is present)
    • Can be used for kick ball on the wall ball area


  • Wall Ball
    • Replay disputed calls.
    • Winner keeps serving.
    • Players cannot be out on serve.
    • Ball must hit the ground before hitting the wall.
    • No fists- use open hands or arms only to hit the ball.
    • Ball may not be caught or held.
    • Boundary lines are out (of bounds), so ball must land inside of line
    • After the ball hits the wall, it can be played in the air or after it hits the ground.


  • Four Square
      • Server always starts from the 4th square.
      • Players take positions in boxes 1-4
      • To begin the game the ball is served by dropping it and serving it underhanded from the bounce to any other square. If the server hits the line, the server is out.
      • The player receiving the ball must keep it in play by striking the ball after it has bounced once in the players square. They may return the ball from the outside perimeter. The ball is sent to another square with an underhand hit.
      • It is not illegal to hit or touch the ball after it has been hit, but before it has landed in a square. Once it has landed in a square, that player must hit it out of their square before it bounces in for a second time in their square.
      • Play continues until one player fails to return a hit or commits a foul.When someone fouls out, all players advance to fill in the square made available by the player who is out. The first person in line enters box four to play.
      •  Fouls: To be called by the first three people waiting in line.
        • Failure to hit a ball that bounces into one’s box.
        • Playing a ball that bounced into someone else’s box.
        • Hitting the ball out of bounds or on a line
        • Hitting the ball in one’s own box.
        • Holding, catching or carrying a return hit.

Voice Levels



Voice Levels

1 - Whisper

2 - quiet conversation

3 - Inside voice - classroom conversation

4 - Outside or gym voice - communicating with others

5 - Shouting or screaming (to get help or attention of adult)

Verbal Cues:

  1. Verbal Cues: