February News and Events

Hello Camas Ridge Families,
We will send out our school report cards from the 1st semester today.  Please check your child’s backpack for the report card.  If you have any questions, please contact your child’s teacher.

Our theme for this month is compassion. Every month we work on a different character trait to help our students grow into outstanding citizens. We stress it in the classroom, at recess, and in our announcements. Please talk with your child of what compassion can look like at school Here are some ways students can show this:

  • Ask someone that is alone to play with you at recess. Continue playing with the student for a good part of the recess (not for 20 seconds and then separate)
  • Showing compassion is to take the time and effort to understand someone else’s perspective
  • Ask someone to sit next to you during free choice time.
  • Show you care about others
  • Check in with each other
  • Help another student if things fall off their desk.
At home, showing compassion for children can look like:
  • Telling others we care about them
  • Treat each other with kindness
  • Help others around the house.
  • Giving a hug
  • Asking a brother, sister or family member to play with you
  • Making a card for someone
  • Saying something kind to help a family member who is feeling sad or upset
  • Again, trying to see things from someone else’s perspective.
We are going to have Friendship Frenzy on Zoom on February 10 at 6:30. This is where students will choose their chat rooms to do fun activities, art, and read alouds and more. The art activities will be with the supplies that most families already have at home. We will check in with students to make sure they have the supplies they need to have fun. We will have more information next week.
meeting link

Meeting ID: 999 3522 5170
Passcode: 656126

Michael Riplinger
Camas Ridge Community School
Eugene, OR 97403
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