Camas Ridge News 1/6/21

Dear Camas Ridge Families,
Thank you for all you are doing to support your kids, our work and our mission to educate brilliant, young minds.
I am writing tonight, with a heavy heart as I see our divided nation in turmoil.  I am sad, both as a parent and as an educator, for what our children are living through and witnessing.
Our staff took some time today to process the historic events of the day and plan to meet our kids in the morning, the day after a group of intentionally incited, violent insurrectionists attacked the cradle of democracy in out nation’s capitol.  We know that as these events unfolded, many of our students may have heard of them, witnessed them on the news or via social media.
We are ready to welcome our kids tomorrow with loving community, engaging experiences, creative expression and beautiful, artful, joyful learning.  Our kids will engage, learn, share and grow.  As a part of our practice, our kids are given voice and space for question asking, sharing and contributing to the community dialogue.  We are fully aware that students may bring up the events of the day; questions, thoughts or concerns they have and want to hear from the teachers they love, their friends and their community.  When it does, our teachers will masterfully respond, working to keep the conversation developmentally appropriate, account for countless variables of the student experience and let kids know that they are safe, loved and important.  This is what we do.
Our kids are amazing.
Our community is strong.
Our teachers are experts in their craft.
Our kids will have better tools and skills to resolve conflict.
Our kids will be able to practice empathy, kindness and compassion.
We will learn and grow and come out stronger on the other side of this.
Next week, we begin a school-wide, multifaceted study of civil rights in America, culminating in a sharing of literature showing growth, resilience, progress and celebration of humanity; work that is unfinished, but is journey we are all on, together.  We are better together.  We will grow together.  We will elevate one another and rise together.  It is the only way.
Please reach out if you have questions or concerns.
Principal Kevin
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