Camas Ridge News 10/26/20

Camas Ridge News 10/26/20

Parade, Harvest Festival, Fall Fitness Frolic

Mark Your Calendars

October 27 – Camas Ridge on Parade!

October 28 – Camas Ridge Harvest Festival

October 28-30 Parent-Teacher Conferences (NO SCHOOL)

November 1 – Kick off of the Fall Fitness Frolic

November 5th – Materials distribution

Camas On Parade (AGAIN!!)!

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We Miss You So Much, We’re Having PARADE! TUESDAY OCTOBER 27!

Dear Camas Ridge Students,We are so glad to see you every day in zooms but we miss seeing your in person, so TOMORROW at 3:00 we are having another parade to wind through the neighborhood and see your smiling faces. We have made an effort to plan a route that takes us down many of your streets or is easy to access by a short walk from your home. Starting at 3:00, Camas staff will leave the school and weave throughout our neighborhoods. For the safety and enjoyment of all, please see below:

  • DO watch from front yards, sidewalks and parking lots along the route, while adhering to social distancing guidelines.
  • DO wear any Camas Ridge gear you have or dress in your brightest, most colorful clothes. Wacky hats, hair and costumes encouraged!
  • DO make a sign or note to wave as the parade goes by if you would like.
  • DO yell, cheer, smile, wave and make an abundance of joyful noise!
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Camas Ridge Harvest Festival

Camas families! Join us from 5:30-6:30, October 28, for our annual Harvest Festival (Zoom-style this year). Drop in any time and have some fun with your Camas community! Kelly will share a delightful story, the Bulbs will rock the house, and then we’ll dance dance dance with our awesome in-house DJ KidaKat (music teacher, Ms. Allen)! Zoom link coming soon!Please note that some classrooms may be hosting conferences during part of this time and plan accordingly.

Conferences, Resources for Families and More


On October 29th and 30th there will be no school to allow time for our originally scheduled parent-teacher conferences. As we are still very early in the school year these conferences will focus not on academic progress, but on checking in with families on kids’ needs, well-being and help to navigate distance learning. Watch for an email from teachers and our counselor with an opportunity to sign up for a time to meet. Please sign up for a time via the meetingbird link of you’d like to book a time with your child’s teacher.Our counselor, Ms. Jaime, is available to meet during Fall Conferences to discuss resources, emotional support, education connection strategies, etc. To schedule a conference with her, please use this link:

Resources for Families

Please see the following link for resources for families at this time. If you need something, please reach out to your child’s teacher or our counselor, Jaime Hock.

Resources for Families

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Fall Fitness Frolic!

It’s time for some fall fun Camas families! While we won’t be able to do the Jog-a-thon this year, we are bringing the spirit of the Jog-a-thon to you!

The Fall Fitness Frolic is a fun way for our students to practice gratitude while engaging in getting active and a way to raise some funds for our school. We are raising funds help support our Camas families, engage in community collaborative art projects and a very special virtual version of our famous Camas Art Walk. Our first collaborative community creation will be a beautiful, colorful rock garden in the courtyard at Camas and every child will get to help! Pick up your supplies at our next materials distribution on November 5th.

Principal Kevin will do the jog-a-thon themed portion of the challenge by attempting to run 100 MILES in the month of November. He may even run right by your house! For each mile run Kevin will share what he is grateful for. Families who are able, friends and local businesses will be invited to pledge sponsorship for each mile Principal Kevin runs over the course of November. He will be running all over in our Camas Ridge school neighborhoods and you’ll be able to track his runs and miles each day.

Camas kids will be invited to participate in the Fall Fitness Frolic with Principal Kevin by getting active each day. Students will get a Fall Fitness Frolic activity bingo card from PE teacher Ben and the PTO. Kids will get active and dig into gratitude throughout the month of November and can enter to win fun prizes like a new scooter, a Get Air Gift card and more!

Be on the lookout for more information soon! The Fall Fitness Frolic Bingo cards will be coming soon!

Facebook Link:

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Written directions for the parade

● Head east on E 30th Ave.

● Turn right to the junction of Agate St. and Kimberly Dr. Turn south east (left) onto Kimberly Dr.

● Turn right and head south on Spring Blvd.

● Turn right and head west on Firland Blvd, then turn Right to head north on Agate St.

● Drive to the junction of Agate and 31st. Turn left to head west on E 31st ave.

● Continue down E 31st Ave as it turns into Emerald St.

● Drive PAST Onyx Pl, and continue as the road goes south down Onyx St.

● Turn right to head west on E 32nd Ave, and then turn left to head south on University St.

● Turn right when you get to Milton Park to head north on Potter St.

● Turn left to head west back onto E 32nd Ave.

● Turn left to head south on Kincaid St. Continue down Kincaid St. until you reach Kincaid City Park. Then Turn right to head west on E 39th Ave.

● Turn left to go south onto E Amazon Dr.

● Turn Right to go west on Fox Hollow Rd. then turn quickly right again to go north on W Amazon Dr.

● Continue north up W Amazon Dr. until you get to the junction of Hilyard and E 34th. Make sure to turn left ( it’s a tight left!) so you can head south onto Hilyard St.

● Turn right to head west on E 39th Ave.

● Turn right to head north on Donald St.

● Turn right to head east on E 33rd Ave,

● Turn left to head north on Hilyard St.

● Turn left to head west on E 24th Ave, and turn right at the Spencer View apartments. Do a loop inside the co-op of the Spencer View apartments, then turn left to head east back on E 24th Ave.

● Turn right to head south down Kincaid St.

● Turn left to head east on E 29th Ave and drive past Camas. Turn left to head north on Potter St. Follow Potter St. back up to E 24th Ave.

● Turn right to head east on E 24th Ave.

● Turn left to head north on Agate St.

● Turn right to head east on E 19th Ave.

● Turn left to head north on Orchard St, then turn right to head east on Franklin Blvd.

● Continue down Franklin Blvd for a bit until you turn right to head south on Mississippi Ave.

● Go all the way down the road, take two left turns to go north on Concord St.

● Turn left to go west on Mississippi Ave, and continue as the street turns to E 15th Ave.

● Turn right to go north on Lexington Ave, then turn left to head west on E 14th Ave.

● Turn left to head south on Henderson Ave.

● Turn left to head east on E 19th Ave. Drive past James Park and turn right to head south on Franklin Blvd.

● Drive past E 20th Ave and take the next right. Do a loop past Eugene mobile Village

● Once done with the loop, drive across Franklin Blvd to the other street. Drive past Riverside Mobile Home park and continue the loop.

● The parade will end at the Duck Stop.

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