Upcoming Assessments

Dear Camas Ridge Families,

Please see below for information about assessments we will be conducting next week

General Information:

EasyCBM is the tool the district uses to assess your child’s readiness in Math and Reading.  Students are typically tested in the fall of each year to determine if a student needs additional academic support in these areas. EasyCBM is not an achievement test; it is a tool to help teachers help your child learn to their fullest ability.

These assessments are typically given in the school setting, but due to the exceptional circumstances of Covid-19, we will need students to assess online, and this process may require some assistance from you if possible. The information here is meant to assist you in helping your student assess using EasyCBM.  Please know that we understand that this is a challenge.  It is for us as well.  Together, we will strive to capture some important information about where your student is in their learning and how we can best support their growth this year and beyond.


EasyCBM testing starting Monday, October 12th. Most of the testing will occur during your child’s Blue Synchronous time. Some testing will occur by appointment during Green Asynchronous time.  Watch for this information from your child’s teacher


Your child’s teacher will contact you about specific times/dates they have set aside for EasyCBM testing, and will schedule a Zoom call with your child (and possibly you, depending on the age of your child).  We are not scheduling assessments on Wednesday


8:30 to 9:30

First grade


Second grade


Third grade

9:40 – 10:40

Fourth grade

11:00 – 12:00

Fifth grade

11:00 – 12:00

 What to Expect On the day of the EasyCBM assessments:

On the day of your child’s assessment, your child’s teacher will connect with your child via a Zoom meeting.  In that call, the teacher will provide you with the information necessary to get your student logged in and able to test in EasyCBM.   Teachers may utilize break out rooms, choice activities or other alternate assignments for students while they are not engaged in CBM.  Again, look for information specifically from your child’s teacher.

This Zoom call may be an individual, one-on-one call (just your child and the teacher) or a group call with your child and their classmates.

On the day of the test, if your child needs assistance, please help them log in and get situated.

To help ensure data is helpful to his/her/their teacher, it is important that students are not getting help from you or any other sources during the testing process, and that the testing environment is as free from distractions as possible.

  •  Try to ensure an environment that is as distraction-free as possible.
  • Find a place for your child that is as quiet as possible, and is comfortable for your child.
  • Close all additional programs on the computer/iPad (other than the Zoom call with your child’s teacher)
  • Please check  that other technology (phones, other tablets, music-players, etc.) are turned off or out of reach during testing.

Note: Students should not be using any additional aids other than scratch paper for calculations and/or note taking unless specifically specified under the child’s 504 or IEP.

  • If asked to assist with your child’s EasyCBM assessment beyond simply signing them on (i.e. acting as a reader for instructions or questions)
  • Please do not help your child answer questions, give them hints, or further explain questions or words beyond what is in the assessment itself.
  • If at any point you need to read instructions or questions to your child, simply read the instructions or questions as given, without comment or further explanation.
  • You can re-read any instructions or questions as needed.

Note: Some parents of younger students may be asked to assist the teacher with reading of questions and/or instructions.  Your child’s teacher will let you know in what ways they would like you involved in the process.

We appreciate you support and understanding at this time.  Thanks for all you are doing to support your learner and the staff who love to work with them.


Principal Kevin

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