Camas Ridge News 10/5/20

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Good Morning Camas Community,


Education Assistants, office staff and teachers made short work of prepping and distributing school supplies last week Thank you to all those who were able to come and pick up these resources for your learner. We will be following up today with families to get the rest out.

Our teachers have plans for all the materials in your learner’s set. Please try to keep them in an easy to access location until you get directions from your teacher.

School Lunches During Distance Learning

Need help accessing school meals? Home delivery for families in need will begin in October

Eugene School District 4J is offering free meals 7 days a week for all 4J students and youth 18 years old and younger. Meals are available to grab-and-go from 10 sites across the district (see locations), from 10:45 a.m.–2 p.m. each school day. Extra meals for the weekend are provided on Fridays.

Starting in October, the district also will offer delivery of school meals to families who are not near a meal pickup location or need assistance accessing meals.

Click HERE to sign up for meal delivery

First Five Weeks – What to Expect in Week 3 and Beyond

We are slowly working toward the full schedule as students build their skills and stamina in using technology to connect with their teachers. Please see Week 5 for the full schedule.

See the ‘Starting Out’ schedule HERE We are in the week three.

  • Please prioritize students joining us for the blue portion of the schedule each day.
  • We suggest students stay on for the green portion of the schedule as well.
  • During this time, teachers will be live with students guiding daily lessons
  • Teachers will be explaining and practicing routines, and problem solving technology issues that may arise.
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