Here we go….. Some need-to-knows for this first week

Good Evening Camas Ridge Families,

Thank you to those who were able to pick up student technology last week. We know there were some families unable to make it and we will begin following up in the morning. If you do not have your device will will find a way to connect and get you online. I would like to thank our community for the generous donations to our food pantry. This is a resource we will continue to build and access to help those in our Camas family who are experiencing food insecurity.

I’d like to make an ask at this time as well. Our staff and staff across the district have been working tirelessly to prepare for this back-to-school season which is like no other. They have put in countless hours of professional learning, created lesson plans to reach all our kids, built teaching stations in their homes, learned new technologies and supported one another with tremendous care, humor, compassion and dedication. I ask for your grace, patience and understanding as we roll this out. We will work through the rough spots and move ahead together, making adjustments as needed with an emphasis on care and connection first.

Parent Teacher Conferences: Our first step in preparing for this year is getting to know each other and help make this year successful is to meet for a beginning-of-year conference. If you would like to review possible questions and topics for the conference so you can prepare your thoughts, please see this Family Conference Resource.

Schedule for the first five weeks: During our first weeks, we will slowly roll into the new version of school to get to know each other, get used to the technology and build stamina for a full educational experience. Your child will access on-line teaching virtually and initial access will be passed out with technology distribution. Looking at the Roll-out schedule provided, there are separate pages for K/1, grades 2-3 and grades 4-5. We hope students will engage on-line live with me during the blue sections of time, which slowly grow in length in the first weeks. 

Schedule for the week, Sept 21-25: Live links for zoom sessions with your teacher were shared last week. They will also be posted on the teacher’s seesaw page. If you cannot find a zoom link, please call the office and we will help you get connected.

  • Meet Me Monday: low pressure, just log on and meet the teacher. Wear a silly hat or baseball cap! Teachers will wear silly hats and say hello.
  • On-Time Tuesday: We will take it up just a little and ask parents to be logged on at the specific time as indicated on the schedule, so that folks can start to get into the routine. This is low-stakes, but we are asking families to get on at the specific time and ask for help if technology problems arise.
  • We Share Wednesday: Students will bring a special item to class to show on Zoom.
  • That’s Awesome Thursday: Teachers will share a cool, goofy video on Zoom, more get to know you activities .
  • Festive Friday: Teachers will run a fun game on Zoom to wrap up the week.

Other technical issues/concerns:

Some Helpful Resources for Getting Families Started are:

K-5 Family Tech Resources

Logging into Zoom with Clever Steps (Handout with video)

Logging in to Online Tools with Clever (Handout)

Logging into Zoom with Seesaw Video

Zoom Tip: Always Showing Zoom Toolbar (Video)

If unable to get online, the phone numbers are:

  • Help Desk Voicemail 541-790-7770
  • Español 541-790-7531

You are also welcome to reach out to the school at 541-790-8800

Principal Kevin Gordon

Camas Ridge Community Elementary

(541) 790-8800 

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