Camas Ridge Read-a-Palooza is Happening Now!

This year, Camas Ridge Community School will have our FIRST annual Read-a-Palooza! This new fundraiser will replace Sock-hop-a-thon and the Direct Drive, AND will be the last fundraising ask of the school year.  So please support your student in reaching our school fundraising goal and their personal reading goals. The school goal is $15,000, which will go directly towards providing our children with project and classroom supplies for project based learning, field trips, recess equipment, musical equipment, the Camas Ridge Friday Backpack Program and Food Pantry, and books for our growing library. 

We will have a book swap to prepare for the Read-a-Palooza.  We are collecting books now.  Please drop donations off in the bins by the front door.

We’ll also celebrate Read Across America from March 2- 6 with teachers and staff, with fun activities and dress up days for students to enjoy.

Stay tuned for each day’s reading theme!

Here’s how to participate:

Stage 1 – Set your Goal: February 14 – 16

  • Help your Reader set a realistic goal in minutes. See the suggested goals per grade below.

Stage 2 – Prepare to Read: February 14 – 28

  • Help your Reader get pledge commitments. Pledges can be made per minute or a set amount. 
  • Bring in books for the book swap February 18 – 25.
  • Book swap on Feb 26 or 27 at Community Time.

Stage 3 – READ: February 28 – March 18

  • Help your Reader record every minute spent reading between (see Reading Log). This includes time being read to or reading independently. 
  • Talk to your Reader about what they are reading and what they like about it. We may ask your Reader to tell the rest of the community about their experience on the PA system!

Stage 4 – Collect Pledges: March 30 – April 3

  • Tally minutes read and help your Reader collect pledges. 
  • Return student pledge envelopes with all pledge donations to the PTO Box located between the stairs and the cafeteria doors across from the front office. 

Students who participate in the Read-a-Palooza will receive a Certificate of Achievement and a Read-a-Palooza sticker. Recognition is based on participation and achievement, regardless of donations. The classrooms with the most reading minutes and the top reader per class will be acknowledged! 

Suggested Goals per Grade:

Kindergarten – Third: 20 – 30 minutes per day     Fourth – Fifth : 30 – 40 minutes per day

Pledges can be collected online through Eugene Education Fund.

Use the link below or hit the Donate Now! button.

Donate Now!

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