What’s Happening @ Camas Ridge 10/14/19 – Safety, Jog-a-Thon, Bikes and Wings

Police presence near Camas Ridge this morning
I am writing to share more information about the police activity in our neighborhood this morning, which required some families to take a different route to school. The activity was not related to our school and was not a safety threat for students.
This morning 30th Ave. was temporarily closed while Eugene Police served a search warrant at a house near Camas Ridge. The police department has shared that the warrant was regarding a felon in possession of firearms, and that they served the warrant early in the morning to make sure the area was secure before school time. The person was in custody and the scene was secured shortly after 7 a.m., although police stayed at the scene for longer. 30th Ave. is open now.
We appreciate the precautions by police to ensure there was no danger for our school.
Thank you for your ongoing support of our school and our students’ and staff’s safety.
Bike Rodeo at Camas Ridge TOMORROW

Jog-a-Thon Envelopes Coming. In  Due October 17th.

Please keep them coming!

  • The Camas Ridge Jog-a-Thon is our largest fundraiser of the year.  This year our goal is $18,000.
  • We use the funds for activities and materials that enrich the school experiences of all students at Camas Ridge.   Examples include field trips, transportation, art supplies, classroom projects, technology, recess equipment, musical instruments, assemblies and outdoor school.  We do NOT use these funds to buy boring things like paperclips and copier paper.
  • We also make it a goal to not ask families to send in additional funds throughout the year for special activities.  We believe that if we all support this fundraise and other school-wide efforts, we will not need to do that.
  • We also have an online pledge portal operated through Eugene Education Fund to make it easy to ask friends and family from out of town to pledge your child.
  • What happens if we meet our goal?  I am glad you asked!  If we work together and meet our goal, I will camp out at school!  Tent.  Campfire. Cooking.  Sleeping bag.  The whole thing!  Kids and families can come and visit me at Camp Camas that night and in the morning too!

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