School Garden

Playing in the school garden is fun for both kids and adults. Camas Ridge families help with planting, weeding, watering, mulching and harvesting fruits and veggies. Teachers incorporate the life-cycle of plants into project-based and experiential learning. Volunteers that can help maintain the garden and compost are always needed and monthly school garden work parties are held to keep the garden in good condition.

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Vision Statement

We envision a world where all children become healthy adults and good stewards of the Earth.

Mission Statement

Our primary goal of the garden is to enrich the curriculum, and support project-based and experiential learning. We also promote good nutrition and environmental stewardship.

PTO Gardeners


Environmental Stewardship

Through gardening, students become responsible caretakers. They have an opportunity to engage in agricultural practices on a small scale, learning about the responsibilities and impacts of land cultivation. They explore the web of interactions among the living and non-living players that sustain life.

Community and Social Development

Children must learn how to take responsibility for their environment and develop a strong sense of community to ensure the continuation of our society.

20140612_150950A Healthy Lifestyle

Beyond academics, the garden provides broader life lessons including contributing to students’ knowledge of how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The country is experiencing a major health crisis as the number of overweight and obese youth continues to rise.

Academic Achievement

Academic achievement is the primary focus of educators throughout the country. Emphasis is placed on ensuring students perform at satisfactory levels guided by local, state and national academic standards. All lessons and activities must complement mandatory standards to merit the use of valuable classroom time.

School Garden Project

Camas Ridge is a member of  the School Garden Project (SGP), a community based organization envisioning a future in which school garden education helps children become healthy adults who eat their fruits and vegetables, know the basics of growing food, and contribute to a thriving community.

Camas Ridge Garden Volunteers

Camas Ridge Garden Volunteers

Need help starting a school garden? Want to know more about composting? Need to get up to speed on what is happening in school gardens around Oregon and the U.S.? Here are some links to resources from SGP that can point you in the right direction.

‘How-to’ Documents:

Blueberry Patch

Blueberry Patch

Garden Grants: