The main goal and purpose of the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is to actively work to support Camas Ridge teachers and staff in their efforts to educate students. The PTO performs three essential functions for the school – communication, community building, and fundraising.

All parents/grandparents/guardians are automatically members of the PTO. There are no dues and everyone is encouraged to get involved at any time in whatever capacity they have available. The PTO is a safe, caring learning community based on the Camas Ridge principles; scholarly, creative,compassionate, inclusive, respectful, welcoming, and safe.


The PTO uses a facebook group for frequent information sharing. The email address to use for reaching the PTO is

PTO Officers

PTO Officers are elected annually. Occasional sub committees are established to accomplish specific tasks. PTO has different authorities from the Site Council, primarily relating to the raising and spending of money, and also has an important mission of soliciting input from the larger parent community to the other governing institutions at Camas Ridge.