Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)

The main goal and purpose of the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is to actively work to support Camas Ridge teachers and staff in their efforts to educate students. The PTO performs three essential functions for the school – communication, community building, and fundraising.

All parents/grandparents/guardians are automatically members of the PTO. There are no dues and everyone is encouraged to get involved at any time in whatever capacity they have available. The PTO is a safe, caring learning community based on the Camas Ridge principles; scholarly, creative,compassionate, inclusive, respectful, welcoming, and safe.


The PTO uses a facebook group for frequent information sharing and an electronic newsletter/mailing list for less frequent communication (2-3 times monthly) and event reminders. The email address to use for reaching the PTO is Mail can be directed to the office.

Meetings Every 3rd Tuesday

The PTO holds a meeting on the 3rd Tuesday of each month. Wes Flinn, Camas Ridge’s principal, delivers an update on school-related business at each meeting. Meetings are an opportunity for families to become informed about issues or changes taking place at the school, as well as to offer a parent perspective on decisions being made. PTO meetings are open to all Camas Ridge families and free childcare is available at all meetings in the gym. Read the minutes from past meetings here.


PTO Officers are elected annually. Occasional sub committees are established to accomplish specific tasks. PTO has different authorities from the Site Council, primarily relating to the raising and spending of money, and also has an important mission of soliciting input from the larger parent community to the other governing institutions at Camas Ridge.

PTO Leaders 2016-2017

Officer Positions:

  • Camas Ridge Community School PTO Facilitator Cate Huang (elected in 2015)
  • Camas Ridge Community School PTO Former Facilitator Heather Sielicki (elected in 2014)
  • Camas Ridge Community School PTO Co-Facilitator Jenny Reesor
  • Camas Ridge Community School Community Building Chair Penny Salus
  • Camas Ridge Community School PTO Grounds Chair Carrie Frazier
  • Camas Ridge Community School PTO Secretary Karen Luks
  • Camas Ridge Community School PTO Treasurer Jennifer ManPherson

Fundraising Team:

  • Jog-a-Thon Becky Meyers
  • Sock Hop-a-Thon Georgene Hoester
  • Direct Drive EEF
  • Excellent Evening/Auction __________
  • Book Fairs Rachel Sanders & Lois Pribble
  • Helping Hearts Rummage Sale Becky Meyers and Christina Stone
  • Camas Ridge School Carnival and Plant Sale Camille Fosket, Becky Meyers, and Jennifer Lindsey
  • eScript Heather Sielicki
  • Restaurant of the Month Kirsten Henry-Lea
  • Box Top Jenny Reesor
  • Camas T-shirt Sales Jen Volem

Events Team:

  • Summer Play Dates Louis Nosce & Community Building Chair: Penny Salus
  • Welcome Back Picnic Community Building Chair: Penny Salus
  • Bike/Walk to School Day Sarah Yapp
  • School Garden Work Parties Grounds Chair: Carrie Frazier
  • Art Walk Cate Huang
  • Harvest Festival Rebeckah & Daniel Jefferson & Community Building Chair: Penny Salus
  • Celebration of Cultures Community Building Chair: Penny Salus
  • Dr. Suess Week & Book Exchange Cate Huang
  • Spanish Speaking Family Night Kialing Perez
  • Staff Appreciation Luncheon Karen Luks
  • Holiday Market (Becky?)

Project Coordinators:

  • Administrative Coordinator Cezanne Bauer
  • PTO Newsletter Editor/Social Media Manager Heather Sielicki
  • School Directory Coordinator Cezanne Bauer
  • Friday Folder Coordinator Melanie Reicher
  • Library Coordinator Anni Katz
  • Appreciation Week Coordinator Ruth Hyde & Jarrell Moore
  • Oregon Green School Program Coordinator Jenny Reesor
  • Food Drives Community Building Chair: Penny Salus
  • Box Top Collection Jenny Reesor

Teacher Liaisons:

  • Jarrell Moore (1st)
  • Kimberly Cahoon (1st & 5th)
  • Sydney Wight (1st, 4th, & K)
  • Amy McCann (1st)
  • Jennifer Lindsey (3rd)

PTO Leaders 2015-2016

  • Heather Sielicki, Facilitator/Site Council
  • Cate Huang, Co-Facilitator/Art Walk Coordinator
  • Jennifer Lindsay, Fundraising Chair/Silent Auction Coordinator
  • Jess Lambright, Carrie Frazier, and Heather Sielicki, Grounds Chair
  • Geo Hoester, Teacher Liaison/Volunteer Coordinator
  • Karen Luks, Secretary
  • Diane Dugan, Treasurer
  • Penny Salus, Community Building Chair
  • Marty Wilde, Former Facilitator
  • Jennifer Volem, Site Council
  • Kara Whipple, Convener/Site Council
  • Sarah Yapp, Bike/Walk to School Day Coordinator
  • Rachel Sanders, Book Fair Coordinator
  • Sandra Epple, Spanish Speaking Family Night Coordinator
  • Camille Foskett, Carnival Coordinator, Appreciation Week Coordinator
  • Anna Stehle, Friday Folder Coordinator
  • Diana Wells, Library Coordinator
  • Cezanne Bauer, Administrative Coordinator
  • Nadine Batya, eScrip Coordinator/Helping Hearts Fund
  • Ben Fahlgren,  PTO Newsletter Editor
  • Sawa Saenger, OBOB Coordinator
  • OPEN, Oregon Green School Program Coordinator
  • OPEN, School Directory Coordinator
  • OPEN, Holiday Market Event Chair

Contact us at if you would like to volunteer for an open position or would like to contribute in some other way. Thank you!

PTO Steering Committee 2014-2015

  • Facilitator: Marty Wilde
  • Co-Facilitator: Heather Sielicki
  • Former Facilitator: Jennifer MacPherson
  • Treasurer: Diane Dugan
  • Secretary: Karen Luks
  • Community Building Chair: Penny Salus
  • Teacher Liaison Coordinator: Cate Huang
  • Volunteer Coordinator: Open
  • Fundraising Chair: Open
  • Grounds Chair: Open

Event Chairs 2014-2015

  • Sock Hop-a-thon: Wendy Codding
  • Helping Hearts Rummage Sale: Nadine Batya
  • Book Exchange: Cate Huang
  • Jog-a-thon: Laura McClain
  • Carnival: Camille Foskett

Read more about the position descriptions here.