Spring Art Block Projects 2015

Native American Salmon
In this project we will be exploring the use of the traditional Native American use of the void, contrast, and negative space to create exciting pieces of art. You will be very busy painting and drawing in this class.

Snap, Crackle, Pop!

Come & Explore the bright, colorful, and bold world of Pop Art! Learn about the artists that were inspired by everyday life items like comic strips, soup cans, a slice of cake, or even a blue dog. Then it’s time for you to design & create your own pieces using a variety of techniques like layering, texture, tinting & shading to create 3D effects, & lines, complementary & contrasting colors, & background & foreground  to make figures come to life. So, if you like your art to POP & have your imagination go WILD, then this art block is for you!

Art Walk Fall 2014

Art Walk Fall 2014

Paint, Cut, Create!
In this art block you will explore your creative abstract side.  You will explore artists who didn’t follow the ‘Art Rules’ of their time. Explore the works of Picasso, Pollack, and Matisse. Do you enjoy doing your ‘own’ art rather than trying to make a perfect painting?  Do you like art where your expression is what matters most?  Come and join us for painting, cutting, and creating and let your imagination take you away!

Get to the point!
The proper use of vanishing points might just be the one thing that stands between you and creating drawings that are realistic.  In this project we will learn about vanishing points through the creation of cities.  Whether it is an ancient civilization, an alien colony, or downtown New York City, they will all come to life through the concept of vanishing points.
We will start with a single vanishing point, to create a view of a city street.  From there we will learn to draw cities from the perspective of a bird flying overhead and lying on our backs in a city looking up at the sky.  If you’re really up for a challenge, you can try to draw a city in a crystal ball using five vanishing points.  You will be blown away as your ordinary drawings come to life and become both realistic and accurate.  If you love using a pencil to sketch out your ideas and visions, then let’s get to the point.

Foldable Art
Fold, bend and crease paper into geometric shapes, flying machines and wild animals.  In this project we will explore the history and technique of the Japanese Art of Origami.  Create large scale objects and work as a group to create one master piece mural.  This class will require collaboration with peers and extreme patience, focus and concentration.

I See Dots!
Come join this study of pointillism and explore the work of George Seurat. This project will use a variety of materials to create works of art with dots of all colors and sizes. Bring your creativity and some patience to this dotty experience.

Face It
Let’s celebrate the face.  After all, we’ve all got one.  And each one is unique.  Every one of us has a varied size and shape to our ears, eyes, nose, cheeks, lips, head, and hair.  For thousands of years artists of all types have drawn, painted, sculpted, written about, thought about, and discussed the human face and its power.  From “Eyes as the gateway to the soul”, to “a face that launched a thousand ships”, to Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man, to the Mona Lisa, the examples are endless.   What makes the face so mysterious, so familiar, so scary, so comforting?   Does a face tell us about a person?  I don’t know.  So, let’s look closer at faces.  Let’s examine our own.  Let’s learn how to draw a realistic face.  A cartoon face.  Take a selfie.  Let’s investigate famous artists who focused on the face.  Let’s celebrate the face.

Art in Nature, Nature in Art
There’s always something wonderful to notice in nature’s beauty, we’ll make it all come to life through your own amazing works of art. We’ll discover and observe nature closely through the Fibonacci sequence, which is nature’s numbering system. They appear everywhere in nature, from the scales of a pineapple, the seeds on a sunflower, the spirals of shells, and the curve of waves! We will be inspired by the textures, colors and designs of the natural world. Artwork based on nature can take many forms.  We will use shells, rocks, leaves, sticks, etc. to create art, as well as paints and pencils! Being outdoors can lift our spirits and stoke our creativity. We will spend time observing art outside, and creating art in the outdoor classroom!

Art Walk Fall 2014

Art Walk Fall 2014

I Love Clay!
Slab, coil, pinch, slip, ahhhh . . . the language of clay. Step into the “ceramics studio,” practice techniques, and start creating. All levels of experience are welcome; we can learn from one another.

Crochet 101
Do you have good coordination with your fingers? Is crocheting just for girls? Where do we get yarn from? What are some things you could make using yarn/crochet? We will be learning the basics to crochet and finger knitting in this project. You need to have a lot of patience, diligence and a positive attitude to learn to crochet. Come join in the fun and creativity.

Go Bananas for Monkeys!!
Do monkeys just make you laugh?  In this project we will be learning about different kinds of monkeys.  We will be exploring different habitats and eating habits.  Young artists will be drawing and painting monkeys with watercolors and tempera paint.  We will be creating together a paper monkey quilt.  And we’ll definitely be making sock monkeys too!!  This project will include homework concerning monkeys.  We will be painting on the first day so be prepared to be involved with a great deal of paint starting on day one.  Snack provided will be bananas, of course.  

Under the Sea
Come deep under the sea and explore with me. Students will learn about some of the amazing creatures that exist under the sea. They will practice and learn how to make different 2 and 3-dimensional representations of underwater habitats for the creature of their choice. We will be using a range of mediums (water colors, pastels, pencils, markers, paper mache, and pipe cleaners).

Painting in Nature
Have you every painted on a stick, rock, gym wall, or using your hand as a paintbrush. Would you like to come and explore ways to express yourself through nature and art?

Art Walk Fall 2014

Art Walk Fall 2014

Camas Ridge families are invited to get behind the scenes and volunteer during Camas Ridge’s famous Art Blocks. Please contact Terri Farina at farina@4j.lane.edu or Cate Huang at catehuang24@gmail.com to find out more.