Community Time is what sets Camas Ridge Community School apart. We are a welcoming community of students, staff and parents who together are committed to supporting each others learning experiences.

Why do we have community time?

To support the mission and descriptors of the school. Real life is not spent isolated among people within a year of your age, while the best education takes place in a community of trust supportive of academic and social growth. Success in life hinges on far more than straight A’s, and students prepared to function in a community will most successfully take advantage of later opportunities for employment, relationships, and friendships.

Community Time gives our Camas Ridge family a chance to achieve something unique. By holding discussions, participating in activities, playing, sharing and listening with a group that spans many years, we learn that we all have interests, fears, talents, and experiences – a story to tell.

Through the process of better understanding someone’s story, we are able to more rapidly shed generic labels based on age or behavior, and inhibiting stereotypes of gender, race, or sexual orientation begin to erode with knowledge of a person’s story.  We can create a true whole school community, one where first through fifth graders see each other as whole people, not a mysterious, unfamiliar unknown.

Not everyone will be friends: Any time 25+ people gather, someone is bound to not be your cup of tea.  But, it’s important to learn early on how to treat those with whom you don’t feel a connection with the same respect you give yourself and your  friends.  It’s easy to be nice to those we’ve chosen as friends; developing relationships with those we don’t click with right away is the foundation of our Community Time work, and we approach this from many angles.

We mix intentional lessons about relevant topics with opportunities for interaction to occur naturally.  We hold discussions, play games, create art, read, write, sing, dance, problem solve, perform community service, and share parts of ourselves in many other ways.  We see issues through multiple lenses.  Problems like bullying, unsafe playground behavior, dissolving friendships, loneliness, and self-image are addressed with multiple perspectives adding to the solution.

Mentoring relationships between older and younger students are a valuable teaching mechanism that is widely utilized, but Community Time at Camas Ridge is instead a time devoted to breaking down hierarchies of age or talent and upholding and celebrating every individual as an essential component of our teaching, our learning, and our living community.  The lessons learned during Community Time echo through the other periods of the day and are key to our educational atmosphere and approach.

Who is community time?

A group of 1st through 5th grade students that meet several times a week with a Camas Ridge teacher.

What is community time?

A time for students to meet and work together to build a working community.

Where is community time?

The community time meets in the community school teacher classroom. That could mean that a 1st grade student meets in a fifth grade teacher’s classroom or a 5th grade student meets in a first grade teacher’s classroom.

When is community time?

Community time is 30 minutes a day, four times a week.