Community electronics recycling efforts begin in May

During the month of May,  Camas Ridge will compete with other Eugene/Springfield elementary schools in a community-wide electronics recycling competition. The results will be weighed and the school with the most pounds of recycled electronics will win.

Anything with a cord will count towards our total: busted toys, cell phones, monitors, computer and phone cables, laptops, keyboards, mice, hair dryers, blenders, old televisions, coffee makers, palm pilots, copiers, hair crimpers, toasters and even broken strings of lights. There are three ways that you can participate:

  • NextStep Drop-Off: Drop off electronics at NextStep at 2101 W 10th Ave, M-Sat, 8:30-5pm during the month of May and ask that your donation be credited to Camas Ridge.
  • Business Pick-up: There is free pick-up for local business and government donations. Call 541-686-2366 to schedule a pick-up date in May for removal of any large electronic equipment or accessories and ask that the donation be credited to the participating school of your choice.
  • School Drop-Off: Camas Ridge Community School will host a bin in front of the school from noon Monday, May 15 until noon Monday, May 19 to receive your direct donations. Tell your neighbors.

This effort helps to divert electronic devices from our landfill, keep reusable electronics available to our community and promote waste reduction activities in schools. Please participate!

Read more about NextStep at

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