Camas Ridge School Agreements

Camas Ridge School Agreements 2018-19

At Camas Ridge Students are:

  • Inclusive and Welcoming
  • Respectful and Compassionate
  • Scholarly and Creative
  • Safe

Lunch Room:

  • Eat one’s own food / avoid sharing
  • Sit down to eat, and stay in one seat (no changing seats unless directed)
  • Clean up after one’s self
  • Listen for instructions and wait to be excused
  • Respect people’s food choices
  • Level two voices
  • Get permission to leave the cafeteria

Halls and stairways:

  • Allow space for others by walking on the right side of the hall and stairs
  • Be very quiet in the hallways
  • Wait until the previous class is dismissed before entering
  • Enter rooms quietly
  • When working in the hall, allow room for other people to pass
  • When entering or leaving a wing, use the flower doors (or the doors on the right)
  • Have safe bodies on the stairs: no pushing, rushing ahead or sliding down the center railing


  • Enter quietly and calmly
  • Adhere to the 4 A’s (allow, attend, appreciate, and applaud)
  • Wait with Class until dismissed at end of assembly


  • Procedures, agreements and routines will be decided on by the teacher and shared with the parents in the fall

Arrival and Dismissal:

  • Walk your body and your bike when on campus
  • Student riding buses are picked up in front of the building
  • Parent pick up/drop off is at lower parking lot or designated area; do not park in the bus zone at any time of day
  • Use quiet voices – Level II
  • Go to cafeteria if you arrive before school starts 7:30-7:50 AM


  • Each teacher will establish and teach a procedure for being excused to the bathroom
  • Ask permission if coming from recess, and use the lower wing restrooms closest to the playground
  • Use Quiet Voice – level II or below
  • Flush the toilet
  • Clean up after yourself / Dispose of garbage appropriately
  • Respect privacy / Knock before entering a stall
  • Wash hands after with soap and water
  • Report any problems immediately
  • Return promptly
  • Keep bathrooms dry and clean
  • Conserve paper and water
  • Hands, feet, body, and objects to self


  • Anyone can join a game
  • Simulated (toy) weapons may not be brought to school or acted out at school
  • Stay within boundaries
  • We do not play chase/tag games at school
  • When the bell rings, students will line up at designated area and teachers will escort students to the classroom immediately
  • Play fairly, be a good sport and take turns with equipment – “when you are finished with that, may I have it?”  Remember to use your voice.
  • Each teacher will establish a routine for coats
  • Respect the outdoor classroom area (benches are for sitting; please do not move)
  • Respect the garden (walk and observe where things are growing)
  • Avoid sliding down stair railings in garden area = feet on the stairs!
  • Only grades 4 & 5 are allowed on the lower grass field during recess (when supervision is available.)
  • No football on the blacktop
  • When finished with a piece of equipment, return it to the cart
  • Boundaries: stay beyond the yellow painted line passed the bike rack, and stay beyond the middle wing door by the bathrooms.


  • Leave your “A” game at home
  • Curbs are out – stop the play and bring ball back in bounds
  • No headers (save your brain!)
  • If not following rules – will sit out for the rest of that recess

4 Square:

  • Server serves with an underhand bounce, hit from the corner of square. After that anyone can hit overhand, open hand. Server and 1st recipient get a “1 bad” if a mistake If another mistake happens again, “2 bad, out.”
  • Out if: you hold the ball, you didn’t let it bounce in yoru square before you hit it, you hit a line, you don’t bounce it into another square, the ball hits you, double hit, missed hit, you step both feet into someone else’s square.

Two Touch (Kicking/wall):

  • 2 players
  • Out if: you don’t hit the wall in 1 or 2 kicks, you kick the ball past the wall, the ball hits you when it’s not your turn, your hands/arms touch the ball

Wall ball:

  • 4 players, decide orders
  • Must hit ball after the player before you.
  • Play until final winner, then 3 new players come in.
  • Server must serve with a bounce and hit the wall.
  • Server and 1st recipient get a “1 bad” if a mistake If another mistake happens again, “2 bad, out.”
  • Out if: it bounces more than once before you bounce it back to wall, you hold the ball, you don’t bounce it back to the wall, the ball hits you.
  • Two interference calls: 1. Getting in the way of the player trying to get the ball. 2. You hit the ball more than 1 time (double hit). If the ball hits top or side of wall and is unplayable, do over.


  • Leave your “A” game at home
  • Positive comments / cheers only
  • If not following rules – will sit out for the rest of that recess

Outdoor Classroom:

  • Feet on the ground (do not stand or run on any of the seating).
  • Do not stack or move seating
  • This is a place for students to sit, talk, and get out of the weather.


Garden Walk in the garden and respect all living things.

Chase/TAG is not allowed @ Camas Ridge.  

No sliding down the railings.  Walk down the stairs.

What is in the garden stays in the garden (plants, stones, wood etc .) Walk and observe where things are growing!

Sit at picnic tables. No standing on the tables.

Outdoor Classroom Feet on the ground (No standing or running on benches).

Do not stack or move benches.

This is a space for people to sit and talk – be considerate; avoid running around.

Swings 50 ups and backs with safe dismount.

While waiting for swings, wait on the walkway in front of the person you are counting for; do not wait between the swings or structure

Swing in the direction so you’re facing the mural

No climbing the swing frames

Do-it-yourself activity – no pushing friends

Spinners Large Spinner:

  • Waiting line on blacktop
  • No more than two people pushing (pusher’s feet stay on the ground)
  • There is a 6  person maximum limit – feet go on the yellow disc
  • Hands on rail or guide wires when the spinner is moving at all times (Legs and arms “in” when riding)
  • Duck under blue rail to enter / do not stand on this blue bar at any time. this is for turning the spinner only.  
  • Stop for new passengers.
  • Stop when passengers ask
  • Wait for the spinner to stop to get on and off
  • 2x ABC song duration sung by people in line for length of turn

Small Spinner:

  • Waiting line on blacktop
  • 4 people maximum limit.
  • No pushers / people riding spin
  • No feet on bars; the bar is for sitting.
  • 2x ABC song duration sung by people in line for length of turn
Play Structure
  • No jumping off upper landing.
  • Stay on the inside of the structure. No climbing on the outside area of structure.
  • Slide down feet first, sitting only.
  • One person at the time, going down only (no running up the slide)
Big Rings One person at a time on each ring.

Standing on rings is prohibited.

Climbing Wall Go up and come back down down on the same side – no climbing over or sitting on the top.
Balance Beam Walk from end to end on the beam.

Keep hands and feet to yourself.

Jump Ropes Jump ropes are for jumping only.

Use jump ropes on the blacktop only.

Jump rope must be held with two hands while in use.

Ladder Bars One person at a time on each bar.
Zip Line Ride only if you can reach it on your own.

Ride only if you can reach it on your own.

Hands to yourself; no student should be pushing or touching another student who is riding at any time.

Hold on with both hands.

One at a time on the platform

Hanging on by coat/scarf or anything else not allowed.

Right side up only (no hanging by feet).

No climbing onto the top of the equipment.

Balls Only kick footballs, soccer balls and rubber balls. Basketballs are for playing basketball only.

Kick balls away from buildings.

Not on bark chip area

Return ball after each use to the cart

Tetherball Server must hit (not throw) the ball or grab the string.

It is not to be used as a swing or ever sat on.

Out if: you hold the ball, touch the rope, your foot goes over the line into other player’s territory, other person gets a tether.

At the End of Recess Pick up equipment and put away.

Walk promptly back to class.

1st am recess(K/1) will put ball cart out.

Last lunch recess(4/5) bring in (will be stored inside, at the end of the lower wing.)

Entering Building during Recess Only if you have adult permission or there is an emergency, should you come into the building at recess time.
Lower Grass Field Only grades 4 & 5 are allowed on the lower grass field during recess.

Football is two-hand touch only; blocking is not allowed.

Items From Home Sports equipment must be shared / we prefer items to be left at home.

Please leave iPods, iPads, cell phones, and all other electronics at home. Toys should be left in backpack.

Voice Levels

1 – Whisper

2 – quiet conversation

3 – Inside voice – classroom conversation

4 – Outside or gym voice – communicating with others

5 – Shouting or screaming (to get help or attention of adult)

Verbal Cues:






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