Camas Ridge Playground Project Volunteers Needed

Calling all dreamers, artists, do-ers and big “kids”! We need your help revitalizing the Camas playground. This school year Camas Ridge received a grant from Lowe’s to improve our outdoor play space to make recess more inviting for ALL our children. Throughout the year several community time classrooms, imagined, problem solved and collaborated to come up with ideas that would improve their recess experience. There were SO many fantastic suggestions!

Now, we need you to help put their great ideas into action! We’re looking for volunteers to help with painting, designing, and building.  You don’t have to be an expert – just willing to lend your time and a hand to help improve your child’s school community. Please take a look and sign up!

World Map

We’re reviving the faded map of the US on the playground’s blacktop and need a few painters to help. It would also be SO fun (but optional) to create a scavenger hunt that leads kids on a learning adventure through the US. If you like painting or if you have a knack for US history, this one is for you!

Performance Area

We are creating a chalk art performance area complete with a stage and backdrop for kids to create their own set with chalk. Here kids can express themselves and their creativity through art and dramatic play. Studies show that dramatic play enhances children’s social/emotional, physical, cognitive, and language development – engaging children in both life and learning.

We need painters to create/paint the backdrop and carpenters to construct the stage. We’ll paint, with chalkboard-paint, an area where kids can then imagine, design and create a stage and set. Kids can then dance, act, and perform with and for their peers.

Chess and Checker Board

We’ll be adding a large format chess/checker board complete with pieces for kids to explore these fun games, as well as strengthen their critical thinking, increase self-confidence, and develop decision-making. We will need help painting the board and creating the checker pieces.


Maze and labyrinth patterns are cost effective ways to use space that is otherwise required to remain open. They are composed of winding pathways and routes meant to provide choices along the way that can simultaneously make the journey more challenging. They provide added play value and offer opportunities for reflection/meditation. We will be enlivening a section of the blacktop with a maze or labyrinth and need an artist and painter to create and transfer the pattern.

Music Installation

In addition to all of the above fun and fantastic ways to provide more recess opportunities for our kids, we will be installing a music area to explore sound, rhythm, encourage musical experimentation and diversify kids creative play opportunities. We hope to include a large weatherproof “musical fence” and 5-tuned hand drums.

Art Wall or Free Little Library

If the budget allows, we will create an art wall for additional chalk art and water painting where kids can express their creativity or a Free Little Library (near the outdoor classroom) for kids who prefer quiet reading opportunities during recess.

Please contact Camas Parent and Site Council Convener Katie Laughlin for more information and sign up to help at