About Us

Wonder, Explore and Grow

We are committed to reflection, growth, and excellence, while continuing to focus on our founding and deeply held tenets: project-based learning, arts integration, multi-age learning, collaboration, social-emotional growth, community connections, and honoring each individual’s cultural uniqueness.


Our mission is supported by a strong commitment to:

  • Creative and scholarly project-based learning
  • Multi-age academic and social development
  • A safe, caring learning community based on the Camas Ridge principles;
    • Scholarly,
    • Creative,
    • Compassionate,
    • Inclusive,
    • Respectful,
    • Welcoming,
    • Safe.

With help from Community Time classes, Muralist Esteban Camacho completed the Triangle mural. Each Community Time class and both kinder classes had the opportunity to help complete this important symbol of our commitment to the concepts within the Triangle.

Program Description:

The morning and first part of the afternoon are focused on the core instruction of language arts and math.

Three days a week in the afternoon we have a multi-age Community Time class for grades 1–5, which provides an opportunity for social problem solving, caring, sharing and decision making in a multi-age setting.

Four days a week in the afternoon we have multi-age project-based instruction in which students investigate open-ended questions and apply their knowledge to produce authentic products. Students choose from a menu of project-based learning classes. Project classes are engaging, rigorous and student driven with an inter-disciplinary approach that blends reading, writing, science, social studies and art with complex thinking skills into 12- to 16-week course.

During the year we also have three art blocks, which allow partnering with local artists and community resources. Types of classes in the art block include music, theater, video, fine arts, culinary arts and creative writing/poetry.

Art Block

Balloon Flight Project

School Highlights:

  • Parents, students and staff work together to create a dynamic, child-centered learning community
  • Every student feels valued and is a contributing member of Camas Ridge Community School
  • Every student benefits from a rigorous, K–5 multi-disciplinary academic program that emphasizes multi-age, project-based learning and Common Core standards
  • Every student is inspired by and benefits from a safe, welcoming, respectful and inclusive climate where students and staff respect, include and value each other
  • An outstanding P.E., music, and arts program for all students
  • Students have access to before- and after-school activities including dance, art, storytelling, chess, outdoor education, and science
  • Technology is integrated into our program with wireless computer systems, smart boards and laptops

School Improvement Goals:

  • Every student will meet/exceed grade level standards in reading, writing and math
  • Every student will develop the interpersonal skills necessary to succeed in a multi-age learning community
  • Every student will demonstrate the skills necessary to succeed in a variety of project-based learning courses


Camas Ridge Community School got its start in 2008. At the time, two long-standing Eugene schools – Harris Elementary School and Eastside Alternative School– were facing critical transitions. A dialogue began between teachers from both schools: What if we joined ideas and resources to create a brand new and dynamic school where all of us would love to teach and students would love to learn? The heady and impassioned dialogue developed into a formal proposal to the Eugene School Board, and approval to plan a new school was granted. After a year of co-location, studying, dreaming, and intensive planning, the two schools opened as one: Camas Ridge Community School.

In 2011 the school district, facing budget challenges, decided to close some south Eugene are elementary schools and redraw the boundaries for the area. This resulted in the addition of approximately one hundred students from the closed Parker Elementary attending Camas Ridge Community School.

Bike and Walk to School Day 2014

Bike and Walk to School Day 2014

Other Information:

Our mission is supported by the following key components:

Creating a learning community dedicated to academic success, responsibility and lifelong learning; parents, staff, students and community form a partnership for success.

Individual worth, diversity and the role of all ages is key to creating a community.

Valuing learning opportunities that are inquiry based, art and project-organized.

Creating a caring environment that enhances self worth and responsible decision making

Preparing students to appreciate and contribute to a global society.