What’s Happening @ Camas Ridge – Distance Learning Update

Good Morning Camas Ridge Families,

As you know, Oregon Department of Education has directed school districts to provide “Distance Learning for All” that emphasizes student care, equity, community collaboration, direct contacts between students and their teachers, and partnership with families. Students’ safety, belonging and mental health is a critical foundation for learning, and establishing the care and connection to support our students and families is our priority.
In preparing for this at Camas Ridge, we last week focused on getting families who needed technology the devices required for kids and families to access remote learning, distributing over 120 new ipads to Camas households.  Our teachers began connecting with students in small and large groups over zoom as well as providing engaging activities on seesaw that helped kids to feel successful with the new platform, reconnect with teachers and classmates and lay the groundwork for greater success as we move forward.
This week, teacher are refining activities, schedules, lessons and assignments to go further and bring more students onto the platforms.  This involves a great deal of coordination within and across grade levels, being mindful of homes with siblings not being scheduled for ‘live’ activities at the same time, making sure kids have what they need to engage, teaching digital citizenship and supporting parents as they support our learners.  Thanks for you understanding and grace as we do our best and learn along-side the kids as we move on to distance learning.

Distance learning will not look or feel the same as a regular in-person school day. It will include a blend of teaching modes, some online learning and other methods, such as paper assignments and phone calls. Parents and families will play a key part in student learning.

Remote at-home learning will not replace the rich experiences a student has when engaging with their teacher and peers in the classroom every day, but it will provide students a consistent connection with school staff and continued learning focused on essential skills as we finish the school year. We will do our best to create thoughtful and meaningful experiences for our students.

Distance learning has three components: teacher-led learning, supplemental learning, and health and wellness.

1. Teacher-led learning is structured, grade-level learning directed and supported by a teacher, focused on essential skills in reading, writing and math. While teachers may schedule real-time, face-to-face virtual meetings, the majority of teacher-led learning will not take place on a daily scheduled time. Teachers will communicate through recorded videos, emails, phone calls, and through digital platforms like SeeSaw. The state has established maximum daily minutes for teacher-led learning:
• Grades K–1: 45 minutes
• Grades 2–3: 60 minutes
• Grades 4–5: 90 minutes

2. Supplemental learning may be connected to teacher-led learning and is led by the student and family. Music and physical education teachers will provide supplemental learning activities for every grade level. Other subject areas will vary by grade level, but could include social studies, science, and additional math, writing and reading. The state has established recommended daily hours for supplemental learning:

• Grades K–1: 1–2 hours
• Grades 2–3: 2 hours
• Grades 4–5: 3 hours

3. Health and wellness are included into the day as it works best for family schedules and student needs. This includes meal times, wiggle breaks, indoor and outdoor play, exercise, and social and emotional learning activities. The state recommends 2 hours a day for health and wellness activities.

• All grades: 2 hours

We continue to work to provide technology supports to make sure that all 4J students can have regular access to curriculum materials and learning opportunities and can remain connected to their teachers and schools. Our classroom teachers and specialists are working to meet the varying needs of all learners, and provide instruction, guidance and supports that are appropriate to the age, grade, and unique learning needs of every student. It is important for all students to be able to access distance learning, including special education and language learning services as needed. Please know we are committed to equity and access, and will continue to support families and strive to ensure every student has a way to connect with distance learning opportunities.

Thank you for your patience and understanding that this is a tremendous change for our teachers as it is for students and families—we are all learning this new normal. We know that this new mode of teaching and learning at home is challenging for families and that balancing work, family, and school isn’t easy for anyone. We appreciate your grace and grit as we navigate these uncharted waters together.

As a staff we are developing supports for families who need help at this time.  Please continue to connect with your child’s classroom teacher about those needs as we have a process for capturing those and getting the right people on the case to help.

Principal Kevin




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