Welcome Back – What’s Happening at Camas Ridge

August 19, 2014

Dear Camas Ridge Families,

This your first “What’s Happening” for the 2014 – 2015 School Year. You will receive a “What’s Happening” messages by email highlighting the coming weeks activities, including an updated “At a Glance” calendar every Friday. We also plan to have a phone message in Spanish that translates the weeks “What’s Happening” for Spanish speaking families. Parents are also encouraged to use our website and Facebook page for school related information. Families who do not have internet access will receive paper copies of “What’s Happening” in their Friday Folder.

Welcome Grace Schubert, Matt Wade & Clementine Eidlin!

As most of you know Cindy Carr is now teaching at Adams Elementary School and C.J. is teaching at Tumalo Elementary School in the Redmond School District. We will certainly miss Cindy and C.J. but we are thrilled to welcome Matt Wade to 4th grade and Grace Schubert to 3rd grade. The big news of the summer is the arrival of Clementine Eidlin to the Camas Community. Brynne who is moving moving from 1st grade to 3rd grade will share her teaching responsibilites with Grace so that she can give Clementine all the love and attention she deserves. Together, Brynne and Grace will welcome their new 3rd grade class, then Grace will teach full time until winter break. After winter break, Brynne and Grace will job share for the remainder of the school year. Brynne will teach foundational skills in the morning. Grace will teach some foundational skills as well as CT and Projects in the afternoon. Brynne and Grace’s students are fortunate to have such a dynamic duo for the entire school year.

Peanut & Nut Free School

Camas Ridge, like many schools throughout Eugene 4J, is now a “Peanut/Nut Free School. What this means is that foods with Peanut/Nut ingredients are not allowed in classrooms or common school areas except the cafeteria. Parents are encouraged to provide Peanut/Nut Free snacks for their child. Students may eat foods with peanuts/nuts for lunch but only in the cafeteria.

Healthy Lunch Pilot

Camas Ridge and Edison Schools are working with Sodexo and Eugene School District to provide healthier lunch options for our students. I have not seen the newly designed menu options yet but we are excited to participate in a project that provides healthier food choices for our students. Our goal is simple: To offer a tasty, reasonably priced, healthy lunch menu for all students to enjoy. You will hear more about this exciting project in the coming weeks. Speaking of lunches, Jennifer Barwood, our dedicated food service coordinator, will not be returning to Cams Ridge. She was accepted to Lane Community Colleeges Nursing program and will start her 2 year program this fall. We will miss Jennifer and her commitment to health and wellness. I will work with Sodexo to select a new Food Services Coordinator who has the skills and passion to embrace the Healthy Lunch Pilot and to provide healthy, tasty meals that appeal to our students.

Open House

I am looking forward to seeing everybody at our open house on September 2nd and I can’t wait for morning announcements on September 3rd. Feel free to contact me or Diane if you have questions about the 2014-2015 school year.

Tom Maloney
Camas Ridge Principal

Tom Maloney