Summer Garden Care

Maintaining a school garden during the summer amidst vacation plans is a common challenge. We want to enjoy the break and renew our spirits, but we don’t want to see all the hard work from the school year transform from a beautiful garden into a jungle of weeds.

We rely on families to volunteer to adopt the garden for one week of summer garden maintenance schedule or to help out during informal or scheduled summer play dates at school.  To sign up, please use our form at

There are two main tasks we need accomplished to keep our garden growing.

Sufficient Watering


There is an automatic watering system for the main garden, and a drip line on a timer for the raspberry bed. If any other area of the garden looks dry, you can hand water it. Hoses and watering cans are available in the shed for hand watering. To turn the water on, you will need the water key which has a square peg and a square ended key to turn off and on the water. We keep it on a hook in the shed directly inside the door.  You will receive the combination to the shed after you sign up for your adoption week.

Sufficient weeding


You will find buckets and tools in the shed for collecting weeds. You may wish to to just pick one area to work on at a time because it can seem VERY overwhelming when all of the grass starts shooting up! Bringing friends and family to help and keep you company will make these tasks much more fun. Feel free to snack on the raspberries, peas and strawberries as you go along.

Some of the common weeds we have in our garden include nipplewart, groundsel, chick weed, prickly lettuce, and grasses. Click here to review some of the common garden weeds in Oregon.

You can take the buckets of weeds to the wooden compost bins on the southeast corner of the playground , unless you can take them with you to dispose of in a yard waste bin or feed to chickens.  A layer of mulch spread on the top of the soil will help keep weeds from growing over the area you tended making for a neater look overall, and will also help maintain moisture in the soil.

We will keep a pile of wood chips available for mulching garden paths to control weed growth throughout the summer. You’ll see it on University street towards the bridge across 30th Ave. Wheelbarrows and shovels are in the shed.  Please email us at if we need to order more chips.

Other key garden tasks

  • Harvesting to keep fruiting plants producing
  • Succession planting (mid-summer plantings of fast crops and fall crops?
  • Inspecting and treating infestations
  • Composting effectively
  • Cleaning up refuse (trash and yard debris)
  • Staking and pruning and general crop care